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Inside the C++ Object Model book

Inside the C++ Object Model by Stanley B. Lippman

Inside the C++ Object Model

Download Inside the C++ Object Model

Inside the C++ Object Model Stanley B. Lippman ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0201834545, 9780201834543
Page: 182
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

€Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment”, 2nd Ed, W. Inside C++ Object Model - книга очень интересная. Inside the c++ object model (4). The C++ object model project was originally called "the simplifier" by Stroustrup, but Lippman renamed it "C++ object model" so he would be able to sell his book, "Inside the C++ Object Model," to Addison-Wesley. €The Design and Evolution of C++”, 1st Ed, Bjarne Stroustrup. Inside the C++ Object Model is aimed at those developers who routinely use C++ but feel the discomfort of not really knowing the underlying weight of many common operations they perform or constructs they peruse. Я сейчас её перечитываю и проверяю некоторые вещи в дебаггере при использовании ассемблера, то есть смотрю какой код создается компилятором. Notes about "Inside The C++ Object Model". ŜC中, 数据和处理数据的操作是分开声明的, 语言本身并没有支持数据和函数之间的关联性. €Inside the C++ Object Model”, 1st Ed., Stanley B. Inside the C++ Object Model (Lippman, 1996) describes how compilers may convert C++ program statements into an in-memory layout. Compiler authors are, however, free to implement the standard in their own manner. C++ supports three flavors of member functions: static, nonstatic, and virtual. ĸ包括任何个人感情的技术类资料,Inside The C++ Object Model 读书笔记(一):C++类内部数据结构内存空间分配. ȿ种称为procedural, 由一组算法函数所驱动, 他们处理的是共同的外部数据.

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